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Playing Big, Anonymously

January 14th, 2013

As a life coach, I encourage and help people to play big. Playing big means honoring your values, and standing up for yourself, as well as the people and things that are important to you. Playing big is not selfish. Quite the contrary, as this blog post will hopefully demonstrate.

For several weeks I have been fasting for 24 hours on Wednesdays. I go hungry while raising awareness and donations for local causes in my small community that help provide for the hungry and those in need.

About 6 weeks ago, during one of my fasts, I was explaining to a store manager about a program I was fasting for in hopes the business would donate (which they so generously did). A lady overheard me, and soon after, pulled me aside to ask me more about the program.

She appeared to be a woman who did not have very much. I told her $5, $10 — heck even a couple of bucks — would make a big difference for someone. She left, and a moment later returned with a $100 bill for me to donate to the cause.

I asked her for her name so I could properly thank and acknowledge her. She wouldn’t say her name. She explained that her name didn’t matter, only that she wanted her money to go toward helping someone in need. I thanked her, and assured her it would.

What an amazing example of a compassionate human being.

This woman, whose name I will never know, played big, anonymously. I am grateful for having made her acquaintance, and for being witness to such anonymous compassion and generosity.

  • Paul says:

    Way to be an example. You’ve shown how easy it is to give up self, and how one person can make a big difference. Very encouraging. I am inspired.

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